Marks and Spencer and BBB: she’s not just any blogger, she’s BritishBeautyBlogger!


British Beauty Blogger on her new range for Marks and Spencer.

BBB Cosmetic Bag 12

The Perfect Cosmetics pouch – pretty and stylish to boot!

Over two years ago I wrote an article for Business Review magazine about how beauty bloggers were revolutionising the beauty industry and on the advice of a great friend at British Fashion Council I went straight to the top, and that’s how I first discovered British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham. We discussed how bloggers were bringing about change. From my own point of view, working in the industry for a well known brand, I could already see what was happening. But I also had some misgivings; would independent beauty bloggers saying it like it is eventually be lured into always giving positive reviews at all times as they became more successful? For me, I will always love a glossy mag campaign and great articles by beauty writers like Newby Hands, but when I am investing in something, I like to do a bit more research.

BBB has made a well respected reputation for being honest. She reviews a wide range of brands, and through her Blog and Your Tube tutorials and reviews you get to learn a lot. I also relate to Jane as she is often reviewing brands and products I might be feeling tempted by, plus ones I already love. She is always up with new issues, too, so I like to know what’s about before it’s about, if you catch my drift!

BBB is now one of the chosen few: a beauty blogger whose opinion is so valuable they have been invited to bring about their own beauty range. For Jane, the pairing with Marks and Spencer is the perfect fit. M&S have been building a beauty empire of their own in recent years, by introducing new-style beauty halls bringing in niche European brands, prestige labels and their own ranges. It is a brilliant place to browse for us beauty magpies, and I am hugely impressed by what they have achieved.

The range at Marks and Spencer is comprehensive enough to cover all our beauty bases!

BBB Lip Colour Trio Nuna Da Costa design

BBB Lip Colours – £15 for three, including that packaging by Nuna Da Costa.

I tend to go for the same neutral gloss so new lip colours and formulas really have to win me over! These three are just really pretty: Selfie is a coral that brightens up a winter look, Cami is a glossy nude which obviously I will plump for, and Heartful is a red that I might go mad with come party season. The finish is glossy but the colours are highly pigmented – fabulous!

BBB Eye and Cheek Palette £14BBB Eye and Cheek Palette (£14)

Palettes can be tricky to master, and whilst I will always go for my fail-safe neutrals (do I need a drawful?!!!!!!!) I found the colours in this little beauty a bold choice and I am glad. The blusher is a warm coral, which I love, as contouring makes me look like a throwback from the 80s. and the eyes are playful with iridescent tones that highlight eyes, dove greys and then a darker shade to add some depth. This will go anywhere with you – great for anyone who is going out from work and wants to try an upgraded glam look!

BBB Eye Pencil Collection 14

BBB Eye Pencil Collection (£14)

I am not exactly a game-changer when it comes to eye pencils – I tend to revert to black all the time, but sometimes I do feel it can look a bit harsh, especially during the day, so this is really a grown-up woman’s play kit! With a whole host of colours and textures this set means you can try looks you might not have tried before – and if you work out the price per pencil, why not?

 BBB nail Collection 12BBB Nail Colours (£12 for a set of six)

Nails are always a chance for me try every colour under the rainbow, and on it! I am not exactly at-one with nail art, and with my eye sight any type of ombre situation is a no-go, but my days of just going ballet pink are over. Jane has gone out of her way with these to just avoid just for tried-and-tested and my favourite three are Melted (a lavender grey), Pop (a hot coral), and Café Crème (a creamy neutral). Luckily, they dry quickly and have a long-lasting formula.

I have to say I do love a prestige product, but sometimes it is lovely to experiment but when it’s a lip gloss or nail polish you are not sure of, you can kiss the best part of fifty pounds away! So this range is a chance try something new, knowing that due to her meticulous eye for detail plus her knowledge of formulations that work, you are in safe hands with British Beauty Blogger. And dare I mention it, if you have someone in your life who is a beauty addict any of the items in the range would make a perfect Christmas gift.

So I will be at Marks and Spencer on March 9th (there’s a bronzer, too, by the way!) Just lead me to a trolley….

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