Elle at 50: fashion maven or just more added pressure?

Elle at 50

I’ll have what’s she’s having. Cheers!

Either you have been hiding under a rock for the last week, or you have failed to notice the much-discussed picture of Elle Macpherson aboard deck, donning a bikini, and still earning her stripes as The Body, a moniker bestowed on her nearly thirty years ago, when she saw off fashion faces and created an empire based on that sporty, long-limbed, altogether glowing-with-health look that moved through the heroin chic of nineties and paved the way for the likes of Gisele Bundchen to take on haute couture and make it a little less haughty and a little more naughty.

great over 40s pic elle mc

Elle in her 40’s – yup, still fabulous!

Elle Mcpherson

The image that built an empire – that healthy, sporty look is Elle’s trademark……..

I am not going to lie. When it came to physical genetics Elle, or Eleanor as she was christened, hit the jackpot at birth. Although she may not be considered hugely tall now, she would have been thirty-five years ago. She may have even been overlooked back in the day. However, Elle simply had something that lit up in front of a camera, and as a canny businesswoman she saw a green light to make a brand from her image. So Elle at 50 makes a splash once again. How does a woman her age simply look that good? And for the rest of us, is the type of image Elle is portraying just added pressure to stay both impossibly young and incredibly beautiful forever, or something we admire?

Before anyone chips in with the argument that supermodels are wealthy, they have personal chefs and trainers and the access to the type of cosmetic treatments and procedures that the rest of us mere mortals just don’t have access to, that argument holds some weight. All of those bells and whistles kind of go with the supermodel territory. I am all for championing fabulous women who aren’t quite catwalk material but are just as alluring: Helen Mirren caused quite a stir herself in that red bikini of hers a few years back, and she outshines most leading ladies on the red carpet every award season. However, I want to say hats off to Elle for also reflecting something we she all pay more heed to: health and well-being. So looking good is part of Elle’s job, but the obvious attention she pays to her health and fitness could teach us all a few timely lessons. You don’t look that good without some old-fashioned discipline.

If I am having a bad day, then maybe I will look at an image of Elle in a bikini and feel a tinge of envy. I never had a body like that at twenty-five, never mind forty-five. However, on a good day I can think of all those tales of women becoming invisible by the age of thirty-nine, that you should get yourself a nice supportive tankini, not show your knees and a choose a nice choppy haircut, and put them to one side. Elle is far from invisible at fifty and she living proof that someone who is nearer their bus pass than their driving licence can make an anorak still look totally hot.

So grab your glass and toast to Elle. Make mine a green juice. Well, all healthy journeys start with the smallest sip……


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