Her Name Is Rio………..how Chloe Jade Green’s shoes stole my heart…………

CJG look book

RIO by Chloe Jade Green for Top Shop…………is the search for my perfect shoe over?

CJG lead pic

Chloe Green is one of those famous people you know, but don’t know a huge lot about. Being the daughter of Sir Philip Green, the High Street expert and Top Shop genius, is a position that every single girl would like to enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to have Top Shop as a dressing-up box? We first saw Chloe on screen properly in Made In Chelsea, and she surprised everyone by having a long-standing romance with Marc Anthony. When the relationship ended she got to do what we would all love to do when brokenhearted! Yacht? Check? A whole array of fabulous outfits? Oh, and Kate Moss as your wing woman. Now that’s what we call an event…………

This latest CJG for Top Shop Collection is not Chloe’s first, but it is seriously, seriously spectacular. As we have seen from Kate Moss’s collections for the brand, she doesn’t waft in and out and expect a design team to pick up the slack, and I have the feeling that the boss doesn’t let his daughter put her name to a brand of shoes that doesn’t have her input. OK, so she is in a seriously privileged position but over the years I would say that most of these types of collaborations have been awful because someone is too scared to tell the ‘talent’ their designs are awful. Nothing could be further from the case here! These shoes would not look out of place on any red carpet, on any A-lister, paired with an beautiful couture dress.

CJG Launch

THE CJG LAUNCH – now where was my invite?

PS The CJG scarves are to-die-for……..

CJG Launch celeb pals

CHLOE at her launch with pop diva and seriously stylish Rita Ora!

CJG Shoes brown feet

Perfect Marketing………tropical sun, golden feet, super-glam sandals!


FB - Aintree - TS Chloe Green Leopard Sandals

RIO – speechless!


I can’t really tell you how I feel about these shoes but they had me at ‘Rio!’ Firstly, I love black and gold. My love all things heart-y goes back to my Moschino obsession, and anything with an ankle strap wins me over. Now I am now what you would call one of Top Shop’s more senior customers/stalkers, a lot of the clothes are out of my range. But these beauties are made for a fabulous dress, a hot date, and obviously a balmy night and some carnival dancing would be amazing. Shoes to make your dreams come true……………….

FB - Aintree - top shop cg buenos aires sandals

BUENOS AIRES – a class act!


I am obsessed with a monochrome and I think in a shoe it is hard to do, but these tie up the colours perfectly and then embellish them with bows to add some real prettiness. The attention to detail gives them maximum style impact and while they may be more expensive than the TS range they are worth every penny. Shoes for being ladylike in……….with a hint of naughtiness about them!

CJG passedena flat sandals


PASSADENA – the perfect way to do flat and glam!

So we know flats are huge this season but from my experiences seasons’ past, there is nothing more uncomfortable than a cheap, flat sandal. They might look pretty but with the combination of a solid toe post, chains that dig into your ankles and that very lovely feeling of PVC on a hot day, it is time to make the flat an investment shoe. These are just the perfect sandals, as the leather is butter-soft, the embellishments are not over done and the fact there is some heel support means they will be super-comfy as well as chic. Wherever your summer takes you, these need to go along for the ride.

ALL CJG shoes come with her signature jade green and the type of luxe packaging that would make Carrie Bradshaw jump for joy!

I’m not just talking the talk, I am walking the walk as these arrived this morning…….

CJG my shoes

All shoes are available at http://www.topshop.com

Range images courtesy of Top Shop


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