Tory Burch and Harrods: a match made in heaven!

On my Blog I have never made secret my love of American fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion in every form, and the Paris Couture shows recently have knocked my proverbial socks off. I am lucky enough to have a few lovely ready-to-wear pieces here and there. However, if my budget increased (I am talking a stratospheric rise), then I would buy Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera for the red carpet (do I need to be famous?), and Donna Karan and Diane Von Furstenberg for work and dates. But for those other days, when you just want to feel comfortable but look amazing, then I would choose Tory Burch.

Tory Burch recives her FDA Award

TORY BURCH receives her FDA Award for Accessories Designer of the Year……..

America is known for what is called ‘sportswear’. This does not mean a swimsuit or velour jogging pants, but a historical reference to a time when women became freer from their wardrobe constraints. The most famous designer, cited for starting the movement, was Claire McCardell, whose images and designs were revolutionary.  Since then American designers have taken the point and run with it. DVF designed the wrap dress for a stylish woman in a hurry. Donna Karan designed her original capsule wardrobe of bodysuits and wrap skirts to do the same. Jacqueline Kennedy was an impeccable dresser in her Oleg Cassini gowns and Chanel suits, but off-duty she was the perfect picture of casual elegance, as where the whole Kennedy clan. Fast forward a few decades and see Jason Belfort of the Wolf of Wall Street, in one of the film’s most memorable scenes, waxing lyrical aboard his yacht in classic Ralph Lauren polo shirt and chinos. While other designers may battle out it to be the most avante-garde,  it is American Michael Kors, with his luxury take on the theme, that his made his brand a multi-billion dollar concern.

Claire Mc 1950s

CLAIRE McCARDELL’s shot from the 1950’s looks fresh today…

Clare MC 1949

McCARDELL’s casually chic dress from 1949 was the antithesis of Christian Dior’s New Look.

Now Tory Burch has become a superbrand that mixes high-end and low key style – all in her own inimitable fashion!

Tory Burch comes from stylish stock!  Her parents and their style have been a keen influence on Tory’s elegance, and it is a style that has recently seen her brand as valued in nearly billion-dollar terms by Forbes magazine. Tory was not trained as a designer but worked in the industry in fashion PR and noticed that there was a gap in the market for clothes that she wanted to wear – so she made the brave move of starting her own label. The look and feel of her collections reflects her own inimitable style. She is not a Park Avenue Princess, as she is self-made, but her clothes, shoes and accessories reference uptown chic with a downtown mood. Forget the coiffed hair and stiff suits of old-school ladies-who-lunch, Tory’s approach is more casual but the look is still polished and put-together. It is now ten years since she launched her first store in NYC, and she has added perfume and cosmetics to her line. The packaging is just as you would expect: orange with gold fretwork, it has an art-deco feel, and would look good on any dressing table. It compliments the mainline to a tee!

tory burch by noa griffel

Tory photographed by Noah Griffel turns the humble kaftan into a modern style statement…

tory burch blue sweater

Tory’s luxurious knitwear is the perfect foil for her new fragrance line…….

tory burch dress olivia palermo

OLIVIA PALERMO wears Tory Burch with aplomb…………

Tory Burch Blair Reeva Flats

GOSSIP GIRL Blair Waldorf made the Tory Burch Reeva flat a worldwide hit!

My FAVOURITE PIECES from the Tory Burch Collection available at

Tory Burch dress


This is the perfect dress for this coming season. Monochrome never goes out of style, but the luxurious texture, accented waistline and trimmed sleeve and skirt make this stand out from the style crowd. Totally modern, this dress will take you way beyond this season. An investment piece to treasure.

Tory Burch long dress


If I had a house in the Hamptons, then this would be the dress for hosting the perfect dinner. I might not have the house, but I can still wear the dress! Beautifully embellished, it just needs some stand-out earrings and a luxury sandal to make it work perfectly.

Tory Burch Simone Cardigan


Nothing is worth more of a fashion investment than beautifully made and tailored knitwear. This is one area where the High Street cannot compete. This soft, elegant piece would work well over a simple white vest and jeans for the perfectly casual daytime look.

tory burch mules


To me, these are just the perfect sandal! Like all TB shoes they are crafted an the signature logo adds some glam decoration. Worth every single penny, these are on my summer fashion hit-list!

Tory Burch Ella Tote


This chic tote is a must-have summer accessory! For a lunch with friends, or a day out shopping, this is a bag you can grab and instantly upgrade your outfit! Totally subtle and again a hint of designer glory with the TB logo, this is a bag that you will use every day.


I made my first visit to Harrods thirty years ago. My mum didn’t need much persuasion and we were so excited as the train pulled into Euston Station. Our first trips on the Underground and London Buses! I went to American Classics on The King’s Road to buy some vintage 501’s, which I still have, and then there was the ubiquitous trip to Top Shop to snap up pieces not to be found at our home branch. Finally, at last, to Harrods where we spent hours, and were in total awe! It was coming up to Christmas, and the whole store was so festive! Our trip to the Beauty Hall was just a feast for the eyes! My mum treated me to some beauty goodies, and we had never seen anything like it before. It was a beauty paradise and I knew that I would be back! I have been given some amazing treats and exclusives from Harrods over the years – I still miss my much-loved Prada skincare! It just has the perfect mix of legendary beauty brands and niche products, and everyone who works there makes you feel so welcome.

So it makes sense that Tory Burch and her team chose Harrods to launch her first perfume and cosmetics collection, as it is the store that everyone recognises all over the world as the pinnacle of retail luxury in London! So here are my favourite products from the new collection!

tory burch perfume


Tory has dedicate her fragrance to the smell of her dad’s favourite Vervier, and gives it a feminine a twist by adding floral peony, tuberose and citrus notes. Light, pretty and sophisticated, it is the perfect summer fragrance. Treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury with these key matching items: Body Lotion, Shower Gel and Body Cream.

Tory Burch Bronzer and Blisuh


This is your perfect beauty multi-tasker! The contrasting subtle shades allow you to create a light, sunkissed glow with a perfectly pretty blush. Use with the decadent Face Brush to dust over skin for that subtle beauty look.

Tory Burch Eye and Lip Tint


This is your carry-everywhere beauty treat to create the perfect skin flush and to give lips a pretty pink sheen. Great for holidays and the beach. Once you have this in your handbag, you won’t want to be without it!

Tory Burch Lipstick


The search for the perfect lipstick is over! This perfect blend of nude and pink in a richly pigmented formula, that glides on and stays on, you can pair it with a natural look for daytime or team it with a smoky eye for evening.


tb small

Tb lip big


I will be teaming my Tory Burch Lipstick with my pink patent Chanel tote and monogrammed silk Louis Vuitton scarf.

British Vogue has decreed that matchy-matchy is back for this season, so I shall be in the pink all summer!

The Tory Burch Perfume and Cosmetics Collection is available exclusively at

( All perfume and cosmetics shots courtesy of


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