Go Ladylike for Ladies’ Day……….a style guide for fashionsita racegoers……….

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GPF - Races CD


As the Grand National approaches, and as I from Liverpool, I can never let this occasion pass without making mention of racegoing style. It is quite easy to point the finger at Liverpool and laugh. One newspaper, in particular, will have a field day again this year, taking photographs of fashion disasters, orange cankles, and the inevitable lady who will end her day upside down in a privet, with dubious looking Louboutins hanging from her feet. (She had a great day by the way, so what does she care?) However, one thing I can say for sure is that there will be a whole lot of effort being made this week to ensure that every detail of every Ladies’ Day ensemble is planned ahead. From hat to tan to toe, no-one will be happy until they are groomed to perfection. HARVEY NICHOLS BEAUTY BAZAAR are even opening for 14 hours stints to make sure that everyone looks amazing. From HD Brows, to Nails Inc manicures to MAC make-overs, HNBB will be buzzing with excitement. As for me, when it comes to races style, then I do love a bit of ladylike. Classic doesn’t have to be boring or staid, it means timeless and enchanting. I still believe that there are rules for daytime dressing. You are not going to a nightclub or a party on the beach. It is a time to really enjoy getting dressed up and looking spectacular. These are the pieces on my list, followed by my dream outfit, which had to be by Oscar de la Renta…….

GPF - Races - Ted Baker Wallpaper Flower Dress £199

TED BAKER Flowered Wallpaper Dress £199

This has a touch of Dior’s New Look about it, and as florals are huge this season, this is the perfect dress for playing the lady of the manor. Beautifully made, and that hint of a sleeve makes it super-flattering.

GPF - Races - Viv W Red abel Elisabeth Jacket and Sequin Jacet 550 and dress £655 my-w


Sometimes a matching dress and jacket can look a bit, well, Camilla Parker Bowles. However, thanks to the design efforts of Miss Westwood you can marry cutting edge with class to create a ladylike look. This is investment dressing at its best, with a sequin trimmed fitted dress, sculpted shoulders and those trademark Westwood buttons.

GPF - Races - Coast satin Coat £195

COAST Satin Coat (£195)

If you can depend on one thing, it is that the British weather is totally undependable! So while a pretty dress is the order of the day it makes sense to have a cover-up, and not an old pashmina or a jacket pulled hastily from the back of the wardrobe. This satin coat is the perfect length and would look beautiful over any dress. It is a great piece on its own merits and will come out to play for any daytime occasion. Just beware the champagne sprayers!

GPF - Races - Jaeger Matalasse Cropped Jacket 199.00 and trousers

JAEGER MATALASSE Cropped Jacket (£199) and Cropped Trouser (£140)

If you feel like mixing it up a little, go Bianca Jagger and opt for a trouser suit. This Jaeger suit embraces the trends, with the cropped cut and baroque print, but has that classic look that Jaeger is known for. Wear with black accessories so you are rocking monochrome!

GPF - Races - Walter Wright Silk HAt £150 at John lewisWALTER WRIGHT Silk Hat (£150)

I do love a picture hat! While the fascinator has been the prominent  headwear for so long, I think it is time to give a ‘proper’ hat a second glance. Not only do they have more impact, but they frame your face and stop you worrying about your hair!

GPF - Races - Oscar de la Renta Silk Organza dress net a porterOSCAR DE LA RENTA Silk Organza Embellished Dress

And now for my dream dress. This one by Oscar is simply breathtaking, with layers of silk organza, the subtle transparent top and flared skirt. This one would really make you feel like a princess for the day, and would not look out of place in any Royal Enclosure!

GPF - RAces - Alaia at nep mirror embellised suede sandalsAZZEDINE ALAIA Embellished Mirror Suede Sandal

These sandals add a contemporary feel to the dress from the king of sultry design. With ultra-high heels and detailed embroidery, they really are shoe beauties. So expensive, but worth every penny!



Vivienne Westwood at http://www.my-wardrobe.com



Walter Wright at http://www.johnlewis.com

Oscar de la Renta and Azzedine Alaia at www.net-a-porter.com

GPF - Races HAt Box at Debenhams Ivory Bow saucer £45

This blog has been written especially for Jean Hill,  a lady who shows style both through words and fashion!


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