From Lily Allen to Lily Savage…how did modern beauty turn trashtastic?

Word Up. I grew up in the 1980’s. I slapped on Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish foundation with true abandon. I thought I was a Robert Palmer girl, and was not averse to a smokey eye and a bold lip. I scrunched dried my hair until it was high as the Empire State, and was caked in enough Insette Mousse to keep Jon Bon Jovi supplied for a lifetime. I was not exactly what one would call a natural beauty. However, by today’s standards I was a scrubbed faced minimalist. So what then is happening to modern beauty?

I would love to fill this blog post with page after page of beauty nightmares but I am scared that I might get sued, but I am not scared of naming a few names.

So let’s get started. After the 1980’s full blown glam became grunge and let me tell you, for a beauty addict like myself it was a disconcerting time. Blusher disappeared off our beauty radar. Grunge took over the catwalks courtesy of Marc Jacobs, heroin chic was a controversial moment in fashion history, and beauty routines were pared down to virtually nothing. Cindy Crawford and her curves were out, Kate Moss pin thin was in. Hair looked unwashed, roots were untouched and for those of use still standing up for our make-up rights, the best we were offered was beige lipstick. It was a harrowing time.

Who changed it all? I tell you who it was. It was Jennifer Lopez. She absolutely brought curves and sexiness back into fashion – remember her in that green Versace dress at the MTV Awards, with P Diddy on her arm? Suddenly it was logos-a-go-go and glossy hair, tanned limbs and pouty lips. Gisele brought curves back to the world’s glossiest magazines and beauty addicts everywhere rejoiced. But that was over ten years ago. So where has it all gone a bit, well, wrong?

Firstly, let me admit I work in the beauty industry for a fake tan company and I am all for a bit of trickery – there’s nothing wrong wth a golden glow, some eyelash extensions and an arched brow. We all need beauty fixes. But what I can’t get my head around is where it all went a bit trashtastic. How did young girls go from wanting to look like cool London girls, like Lily Allen, to, well, a line-up for a LilySavage lookalike competition? And before anyone accuses me of putting down working class girls, I am one. Plus the posh girls are getting in on it, too. Why on earth does Tamara Ecclestone want to morph into Katie Price? From over-the-top hair extensions, gaudy nail art, to feathered eyelashes and overdone lips, today’s beauty trends are turning us all into a nation of overdones. How I long for the days when I marvelled over Essie Ballet Slippers nail polish.

I saw one reality star being interviewed about her new show earlier this week. Pretty girl, fun personality, in a tacky dress, a shedload of make-up, badly dyed hair and tiptastic talons. The thing that struck me most was that she was 21 years old. She looked at least 35.

So what’s my message? To younger girls, it’s great to have fun but enjoy your natural prettiness and beauty while you have it. Ask your average man. Most prefer their girlfriends to look cute and scrubbed. It is a dilemma but if it has got to the stage that you are wearing three sets of false eyelashes maybe you could consider stripping it back to two? Just a suggestion, mind…………….

And last, but not least, the only woman in the world who can rock trashtastic is Dolly Parton. Enough said.


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