Keeping Faith With Fashion – how Faith Howells stylishly stole my heart…..

Listen. The last time I wrote on this Blog was nearly 4 years ago when I was busy in my little stylish world. Then I met some bloke who I got on well with and within a year, we got married. So I’ve changed my name, moved house, still can’t cook and my dad still buys my Heat magazine every Tuesday. I am 49 this July.

And then a couple of things happened. Two weeks ago I had a little TV review published in the Sunday Times Culture. A proud moment.

Then I discovered Keeping Faith on the BBCiPlayer. After the series finale earlier this week I have talked about little else, and asked the ladies of Twitter if they’d like a little style post inspired by Faith Howells. I got some encouraging replies including this one…..


OK, this. This popped up from Eve Myles, the actress who plays the lead role of Faith Howells. I mean, that’s a sign, and it doesn’t matter if my Blog has been off the boil and I’ve been busy at home, because Faith is all about a career break. She’s looking after three young kids, to be fair, and I’m not, but you get the picture. When I saw the Tweet, I sprang into life. Bugger updating the layout, I haven’t got time. What would Faith do? She’d get the job done against the clock.

If you haven’t seen Keeping Faith yet, you need to. There’s a reason why it’s up to 5 million views on the BBCiPlayer. It’s why those of us outside of Wales have set our iPlayer location setting to Wales for the past eight weeks, stalking fellow fans on Twitter and, er, the cast. I tuned in the first week thinking I was getting a sleepy family drama. That got me told.

In a nutshell, Faith is married to Evan, and they are both solicitors in a family firm. Faith  goes out one night with the girls, gets drunk, comes home, wakes up with a hangover and sends Evan off to work while she tries to get three spirited offspring ready. That night, Evan doesn’t come home. After a few days, everyone wants to know what’s going on, and the #wheresevan tag went wild on social media.

Not only does Faith have to start back at the office, which is a real baptism of fire, she also decides to find Evan herself, with the help of a few well meaning but rough-around-the-edges previous clients. As in defendants. One of them, Steve Baldini, has been a very Bad Boy in the past and is as rugged as Evan is handsome. Me? I’m Team Baldini all the way.

What follows is eight hours of TV that knocked my slipper socks off. The supporting cast are superb and I loved spotting lots of familiar faces including former Brookside siren, Suzanne Packer, and Gavin and Stacey’s Steffan Rhodri, who makes a brilliantly taciturn judge. But what makes it for me are the women. Whoever described it as a Welsh Big Little Lies is missing the point. When the women in BLL get drunk they fall about in designer cashmere. Faith gets thrown in the spare room, called The Drunk Bunk.

Writer Matthew Hall is already a star for me as he cut his writing teeth on Kavanagh QC, a legendary legal series starring the divine John Thaw. The women of Keeping Faith are strong, boisterous, complex and real. In an era of Me Too and Time’s Up it would be easy to get very PC and po-faced, but Faith is just out there in the world dealing with a lost husband, the school run, a load of secrets that lead to heartache, family issues and nosy neighbours. She is cantankerous, funny, and bolshy and has to tackle a dodgy dentist, a policewoman determined to  bring her down and a fabulous Irish trouble maker, played by the astonishing Angeline Ball, who ran away with the spotlight in The Commitments.

So, on to Faith’s style. It takes a while for it to grab your attention but it creeps up slowly and takes hold. First up: the yellow jacket. It’s the star of the show’s poster and women all over social media are donning theirs in honour of Faith. Mine is currently in the wash, an old favourite care of Armand Basi.



Next up, are her legendary suits that she not only wears to court but has meltdowns in at work, in the boardroom and in a host of ladies’ restrooms, often while trying to escape the long arm of the law.



And in the very best scenes Faith is never without her trusty blue shoes, that are often upended as she takes refuge in stockrooms whilst planning her next game plan.



Eve Myles who plays Faith is simply magnificence in motion and the kind of screen beauty who is understated whilst playing an absolute firecracker of a character. There is one courtroom scene when Faith has to defend her role as a mother and it is a lesson in acting and also in being a family’s protector and lioness. And without taking away from that, I’ve been copying her bun and pink lip look all week as well. Women going into battle need to be armed with everything they have – with Faith you get good hair, and a few choice words for the judge.






Last, but not least, are the other two stars of the show. The first is Wales itself, which is as beautiful as it is haunting. And secondly, the soundtrack by Amy Wadge, which is both heartbreaking and ethereal. The show quite simply would not be the same without them.

We left Season 1 with a cliffhanger and a lightning bolt, and the news that Season 2 is in development. For the avid fans of the show, this is good news and I suspect, for an army of women, just like me, a reason to cheer. Because I don’t relate to Hollywood characters even when they are on the TV, but I related to Faith. This post will be full of mistakes and the images need resizing but I can hear Manchester United vs Manchester City in the other room, and I have a husband who needs feeding and a dad who needs checking in on. I don’t have it all, and I can’t do it all, but I feel a little bit inspired to get back to the business of being me.

Faith has reminded me of who I really am. Step on my my blue suede shoes at your own peril.

Season 1 of Keeping Faith is available on the BBCiPlayer. Well done to BBC Wales and Vox Pictures.

The yellow jacket I love from Boden is available at http://www.boden.com

My version of the suit is the Faulkner Jacket and Trousers at http://www.reiss.com

Kerastase Mousse Bouffant has been keeping my big bun in place all week from http://www.lookfantastic.com and my lips are a bit pouty thanks to my Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Hot Berry from http://www.johnlewis.com

The Romy Jimmy Choos are from http://www.theoutnet.com

This blog is in memory of my paternal grandfather, George Roberts, who was from Denbigh, and fought in World War II.

Many thanks to my husband, Dave who has let me shout at the iPad for the last 8 weeks whilst keeping me supplied with tea and Galaxy Ripples.











The Kors Effect: Liverpool goes jet-set

Michael Kors red bag

The ultimate in aspirational imagery – Michael Kors knows the way to our hearts…………..


If you are from Liverpool, you don’t have to be told this already, but there is an awful lot of snobbery in fashion. From the outside world, everyone thinks that we only do OTT, but the truth is the girls here like to look great. If you have ever sat through a terrible catwalk show where there are models in sandals with socks wearing oversized overcoats and cones on their heads, and the designer goes on about his or her conceptual vision, you will know that everyone nods and air kisses, and inside a part of me dies. If anyone can make Gisele Bundchen look just plain ugly, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The press do love a good laugh at Liverpool and its sense of style. Look at the girls with their tresses, dresses and gleaming limbs, out for a good time and some of them are even laughing. How very dare they? Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere arty, with a greasy fringe, lolling against a sweaty wall talking to some boring bloke with a beard, who fails to compliment you on your pasty limbs and chewed nail polish? Er, no, I wouldn’t as it happens.

Now fashion might be fashion but it is also a business, and therefore, you can go on about how your art was influenced by the struggle of Frida Kahlo all you like, but if you don’t actually sell anything, well you go to a very Chic Room 101, and your gear ends up as landfill or, hopefully, in TK Maxx. And the labels know this and the people behind them know this. Which is why when it came to opening a Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols chose this fair (but golden, obviously) city due its high spending beauty citizens, and Zara? Well, excuse me but haven’t they just had to build a nice shiny bigger version to keep up with us? I do believe they have.

Michael Kors, who in 2014 was named fashion’s latest billionaire, doesn’t mess about when it comes to the bottom line, and so we open him with toned, bejewelled arms to Liverpool One. And oh, how a Scouse girl loves her Michael Kors. It’s like we were made for each other. Michael, wily old tanned fox that he is, worked out some time ago that It-bags can be a bit of a stretch for your average fashion addict. A head-to-toe designer ensemble will cost you the price of a decent house (in Liverpool, not New York, obviously). So he took all he had learned from making very expensive clothes for Park Avenue Princesses, added some TV glory via Project Runway, and hit upon his game plan: packaging jet-set style and allowing us mere mortals to have a piece, or several, depending on whether you fancy the next month eating Kokas.

Michael Kors runway self pic


Michael Kors AW14Best Dressed july 2014 kate hudson michael kors

From the TV runway, to his mainline collections, to dressing A-listers, the Michael Kors brand is sleek, glamorous with a hint of laid-back and a huge dose of glamour!

The Kors effect is brilliant: you can get luxe accessories that look amazing, are well-made, not exactly unobtrusive, put them together with your High Street piecces and there you have it: a look that says I may be from Garston but I appear as if I have just flown in from Gstaad. Kors is never going to be an Alexander McQueen or a John Galliano: he is not a subversive genius, more like a handsome bloke in a big aviators who knows how to sell, sell, sell. In a world peppered with designers whose labels have hit a Banksy covered wall, Kors is out there selling statement watches to Scouse girls with big dreams.

Michael Kors Travel

And next time you go on your holidays to that exotic destination you can look down at that watch, close your eyes, and just imagine you are on your very own Gulfstream V. You might not always be living the dream, but you can always make sure that you look like you are ready for take-off.

Michael Kors is now open at 18-20 Peter’s Lane, Liverpool One.





Marks and Spencer and BBB: she’s not just any blogger, she’s BritishBeautyBlogger!


British Beauty Blogger on her new range for Marks and Spencer.

BBB Cosmetic Bag 12

The Perfect Cosmetics pouch – pretty and stylish to boot!

Over two years ago I wrote an article for Business Review magazine about how beauty bloggers were revolutionising the beauty industry and on the advice of a great friend at British Fashion Council I went straight to the top, and that’s how I first discovered British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham. We discussed how bloggers were bringing about change. From my own point of view, working in the industry for a well known brand, I could already see what was happening. But I also had some misgivings; would independent beauty bloggers saying it like it is eventually be lured into always giving positive reviews at all times as they became more successful? For me, I will always love a glossy mag campaign and great articles by beauty writers like Newby Hands, but when I am investing in something, I like to do a bit more research.

BBB has made a well respected reputation for being honest. She reviews a wide range of brands, and through her Blog and Your Tube tutorials and reviews you get to learn a lot. I also relate to Jane as she is often reviewing brands and products I might be feeling tempted by, plus ones I already love. She is always up with new issues, too, so I like to know what’s about before it’s about, if you catch my drift!

BBB is now one of the chosen few: a beauty blogger whose opinion is so valuable they have been invited to bring about their own beauty range. For Jane, the pairing with Marks and Spencer is the perfect fit. M&S have been building a beauty empire of their own in recent years, by introducing new-style beauty halls bringing in niche European brands, prestige labels and their own ranges. It is a brilliant place to browse for us beauty magpies, and I am hugely impressed by what they have achieved.

The range at Marks and Spencer is comprehensive enough to cover all our beauty bases!

BBB Lip Colour Trio Nuna Da Costa design

BBB Lip Colours – £15 for three, including that packaging by Nuna Da Costa.

I tend to go for the same neutral gloss so new lip colours and formulas really have to win me over! These three are just really pretty: Selfie is a coral that brightens up a winter look, Cami is a glossy nude which obviously I will plump for, and Heartful is a red that I might go mad with come party season. The finish is glossy but the colours are highly pigmented – fabulous!

BBB Eye and Cheek Palette £14BBB Eye and Cheek Palette (£14)

Palettes can be tricky to master, and whilst I will always go for my fail-safe neutrals (do I need a drawful?!!!!!!!) I found the colours in this little beauty a bold choice and I am glad. The blusher is a warm coral, which I love, as contouring makes me look like a throwback from the 80s. and the eyes are playful with iridescent tones that highlight eyes, dove greys and then a darker shade to add some depth. This will go anywhere with you – great for anyone who is going out from work and wants to try an upgraded glam look!

BBB Eye Pencil Collection 14

BBB Eye Pencil Collection (£14)

I am not exactly a game-changer when it comes to eye pencils – I tend to revert to black all the time, but sometimes I do feel it can look a bit harsh, especially during the day, so this is really a grown-up woman’s play kit! With a whole host of colours and textures this set means you can try looks you might not have tried before – and if you work out the price per pencil, why not?

 BBB nail Collection 12BBB Nail Colours (£12 for a set of six)

Nails are always a chance for me try every colour under the rainbow, and on it! I am not exactly at-one with nail art, and with my eye sight any type of ombre situation is a no-go, but my days of just going ballet pink are over. Jane has gone out of her way with these to just avoid just for tried-and-tested and my favourite three are Melted (a lavender grey), Pop (a hot coral), and Café Crème (a creamy neutral). Luckily, they dry quickly and have a long-lasting formula.

I have to say I do love a prestige product, but sometimes it is lovely to experiment but when it’s a lip gloss or nail polish you are not sure of, you can kiss the best part of fifty pounds away! So this range is a chance try something new, knowing that due to her meticulous eye for detail plus her knowledge of formulations that work, you are in safe hands with British Beauty Blogger. And dare I mention it, if you have someone in your life who is a beauty addict any of the items in the range would make a perfect Christmas gift.

So I will be at Marks and Spencer on March 9th (there’s a bronzer, too, by the way!) Just lead me to a trolley….

You can shop online at http://www.marksandspencer.com

You can follow the Blog online at http://www.britishbeautyblogger.com


Pure & Pose are looking for four new faces for their brand – could it be you?

Pure and Pose Beauty Look LFW

PURE & POSE Lashes make their debut at London Fashion Week – totally glam for S/S 2015.

Pure & Pose lashes models

STRIKE A POSE………….Pure & Pose Lashes take over #LFW!

It goes without saying that if you are a beauty fan, then you will always be on the hunt for the perfect lashes! Fabulous brand Pure & Pose launched earlier this year and already are found in the best make-up artist’s kits! This summer Pure & Pose were a huge hit and their summer lashes went everywhere from Ibiza to Las Vegas!

Pure & Pose lashes Hello Summer

Now the team are looking for four fresh new faces to work with Pure & Pose for their Winter/Christmas Campaign………..could it be you? Well, first of all, take a look at their range of lashes……………

  • Dream Doll – this is P & P’s most natural lash. Ideal for daytime, and for when you want that fresh, naturally pretty look. Whether you are out shopping, at a festival or even on holiday in the sun, you can be a Dream Doll!

Dream Doll

  • Belle of the Ball – take your beauty look up a notch and go for a fuller, thicker lash effect. Just perfect for occasions like weddings, proms, parties or a special lunch date, these lashes are for when you want that princess-perfect moment. You will be the Belle of the Ball!

Pure and Pose Belle of the Ball

  • Dancing Queen – take your peepers out to party with these longer and even more luscious lashes. These are serious attention –grabbers, and are longing for a night out with the girls, a seriously cool cocktail and a dance floor, obviously. No one puts Pure & Pose’s Dancing Queen in the corner!

Dancing Queen

  • Temptress – these lashes are about sheer luxury with a splash of seduction to match. For when you want to stand out from the crowd, and have the most flirtatious lashes, Temptress goes umatched!

Pure and Pose Temptress


If you become a face of the brand, your pics will get lots of exposure in the fashion and beauty press……….Pure & Pose have an amazing article in His & Hers Autumn Trends issue……..

His and Hers cover Autumn 2014

To read this fab new issue go to:


(Image courtesy of His & Hers magazine)


The team at Pure & Pose aren’t looking for models, just fabulous girls who can represent the four Pure & Pose Looks:

Dream Doll, Belle of the Ball, Dancing Queen and Temptress

All you have to do is email amy@pureandpose.com and include some information about yourself and why you would love to feature in the campaign PLUS include a recent, clear photo of yourself.

It’s that SIMPLE!

In the meantime, beauty addicts can view the full range and get stocking up now!

Pure and Pose black bags



Moschino at #MFW: Jeremy goes Barbie, with a hint of Scouse!

Milan street shot

STREET STYLE MILAN STYLE – a burst of colour and irreverence!

This round of S/S shows far has been an exciting affair so far. In New York, commercial success was at the heart of the Big Apple. Big guns like Ralph Lauren showed their fashion power: Lauren’s new Polo Ralph Lauren for women might not set the world alight in terms in direction, but after the multimedia show, do I want an apple green gilet with that famous pony on it? You best I do: it’s normcore but with all the glamour and heritage RL stands for. Michael Kors did what he does best, selling glossy, gorgeous Park Avenue princess looks to us all. Donna Karan kept everything modern and fresh: the traditional fifties skirt was kept 2014 with the additional of a heavy, army-style belt. Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera just design outrageously elegant clothes: the things that dreams are made of. VB sent out a well-edited, rather minimalist collection, as did Calvin Klein.  I ended the week with my wish-list growing by the minute: the dress that Diane Von Furstenberg sent out on Naomi Campbell won the day for me. And whilst I don’t think I will ever be buying a Versus Versace dress in my lifetime, hats off to Donatella for a safety-pin extravaganza.

London Fashion Week is no longer the little stop-over it once was. Julien Macdonald sent out evening dresses that were Oscar-worthy, Matthew Williamson, as every goes his own way and his sometimes hippy-chic aesthetic will definitely be a theme next summer. The younger names like Emilia Wickstead are earning their stripes, but the two shows that dominated the week were Top Shop Unique and Burberry Prorsum. With FROWs teaming with their very finest VIPs, live streaming, and a real luxury feel, Cara Delevingne finished the Top Shop show in a beaded slip dress that surely will be an instant seller, and Burberry Prorsum ditched pretty for the Grunge Mermaid: perfectly fitted jackets, endless pleating and frothy skirts. A sure-fire success.

And so to Milan. As someone who has loved this country since my first visit aged 10, there is just something about Italy that makes your heart sing. I have been there many times. Milan, although it doesn’t have the historical pull of Rome, the cultural heritage of Florence or the sheer romance of Venice it has something: unflinching style. People-watching in MIlan is sport. You only have to sit in a small café on the Via Monte Napoleone and your head spins with sheer force of glamour, grooming and attitude that turns the pavements into a catwalk-off. It is not just the young and beautiful join in, everybody gives it some attitude – and I love them for it.

This week’s #MFW has been a heck of a ride! There are so many designers to talk about but I wanted to devote this one to Jeremy Scott at Moschino. Jeremy, the bad-boy of fashion, has taken a brand and label known for its humour and up-notched the fun factor into infinity. So it’s not one for the fashion purists. Karl Lagerfeld won’t lose any sleep. Serious fashion-y people who has converations abour conceptual idealism and the pornifcation of women will have a field day. For me, whoever, this show was just pure escapism. It made the Victoria’s Secret show look like a runway of Marks and Sparks knickers!

Moschino ss 15 Tracksuit

Pink, Teeth, Tans and Towering Heels at Moschino S/S 15

For me, the brand has a very special place in my heart, and I have so many pieces kept, now more for reasons of history, but when I got my first Moshcino my brought it back from a holiday in Sorrento – a black nylon bag, much loved to this day. Franco Moschino put the fun into fashion at a time when it was much needed – after so much unrest in the world, and a series of depressions, it was all about creativity, and by the way, very beautifully made clothes. Back when the ‘Made In Italy’ sign was a beacon of quality.

And now for Scott. His last collection, a whole homage to the golden arches of a certain fast-food chain, was a real game-changer. Linda Evangelista is currently wearing it in British Vogue: the quilted bag, classic hair, and tailored suit, added to a cache that could only be brought by Linda, means you could nearly mistake it for a certain French stalwart. But the huge ‘M’ on the quilted bag give it away. Last week, on my work travels I was speaking to a very young, beautiful and bright fashionista and her iPhone case made me smile – it looked like a packet of French fries. Brilliant.

Moschino ss 15 top and skirt

Love the look……….one for the young, beautiful and tongue-in-cheek fashion addict.

Moschino ss 15 suit

A day at the races? Oh go on then…………

Moschino ss 15 white poolside look

Ibiza needs to get booked. Too dressy? Who cares………..

Moschino ss 15 vegas poolside

Anyone who could wear this in Vegas and not have fun is not human!

So I suspended my belief in endless elegance, and I left my pre-conceived ideas at the door, and I would like to point out that whilst the models were supermodel-slim, there were some curves here and there, they looked happy, healthy and gleaming!

By jove, great Scott, I think he’s got it!

PS I would just like to point out that whilst this collection was inspired by Barbie, it did look very, very Scouse! So, Jeremy you are welcome here any time…………….








Elle at 50: fashion maven or just more added pressure?

Elle at 50

I’ll have what’s she’s having. Cheers!

Either you have been hiding under a rock for the last week, or you have failed to notice the much-discussed picture of Elle Macpherson aboard deck, donning a bikini, and still earning her stripes as The Body, a moniker bestowed on her nearly thirty years ago, when she saw off fashion faces and created an empire based on that sporty, long-limbed, altogether glowing-with-health look that moved through the heroin chic of nineties and paved the way for the likes of Gisele Bundchen to take on haute couture and make it a little less haughty and a little more naughty.

great over 40s pic elle mc

Elle in her 40’s – yup, still fabulous!

Elle Mcpherson

The image that built an empire – that healthy, sporty look is Elle’s trademark……..

I am not going to lie. When it came to physical genetics Elle, or Eleanor as she was christened, hit the jackpot at birth. Although she may not be considered hugely tall now, she would have been thirty-five years ago. She may have even been overlooked back in the day. However, Elle simply had something that lit up in front of a camera, and as a canny businesswoman she saw a green light to make a brand from her image. So Elle at 50 makes a splash once again. How does a woman her age simply look that good? And for the rest of us, is the type of image Elle is portraying just added pressure to stay both impossibly young and incredibly beautiful forever, or something we admire?

Before anyone chips in with the argument that supermodels are wealthy, they have personal chefs and trainers and the access to the type of cosmetic treatments and procedures that the rest of us mere mortals just don’t have access to, that argument holds some weight. All of those bells and whistles kind of go with the supermodel territory. I am all for championing fabulous women who aren’t quite catwalk material but are just as alluring: Helen Mirren caused quite a stir herself in that red bikini of hers a few years back, and she outshines most leading ladies on the red carpet every award season. However, I want to say hats off to Elle for also reflecting something we she all pay more heed to: health and well-being. So looking good is part of Elle’s job, but the obvious attention she pays to her health and fitness could teach us all a few timely lessons. You don’t look that good without some old-fashioned discipline.

If I am having a bad day, then maybe I will look at an image of Elle in a bikini and feel a tinge of envy. I never had a body like that at twenty-five, never mind forty-five. However, on a good day I can think of all those tales of women becoming invisible by the age of thirty-nine, that you should get yourself a nice supportive tankini, not show your knees and a choose a nice choppy haircut, and put them to one side. Elle is far from invisible at fifty and she living proof that someone who is nearer their bus pass than their driving licence can make an anorak still look totally hot.

So grab your glass and toast to Elle. Make mine a green juice. Well, all healthy journeys start with the smallest sip……


Her Name Is Rio………..how Chloe Jade Green’s shoes stole my heart…………

CJG look book

RIO by Chloe Jade Green for Top Shop…………is the search for my perfect shoe over?

CJG lead pic

Chloe Green is one of those famous people you know, but don’t know a huge lot about. Being the daughter of Sir Philip Green, the High Street expert and Top Shop genius, is a position that every single girl would like to enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to have Top Shop as a dressing-up box? We first saw Chloe on screen properly in Made In Chelsea, and she surprised everyone by having a long-standing romance with Marc Anthony. When the relationship ended she got to do what we would all love to do when brokenhearted! Yacht? Check? A whole array of fabulous outfits? Oh, and Kate Moss as your wing woman. Now that’s what we call an event…………

This latest CJG for Top Shop Collection is not Chloe’s first, but it is seriously, seriously spectacular. As we have seen from Kate Moss’s collections for the brand, she doesn’t waft in and out and expect a design team to pick up the slack, and I have the feeling that the boss doesn’t let his daughter put her name to a brand of shoes that doesn’t have her input. OK, so she is in a seriously privileged position but over the years I would say that most of these types of collaborations have been awful because someone is too scared to tell the ‘talent’ their designs are awful. Nothing could be further from the case here! These shoes would not look out of place on any red carpet, on any A-lister, paired with an beautiful couture dress.

CJG Launch

THE CJG LAUNCH – now where was my invite?

PS The CJG scarves are to-die-for……..

CJG Launch celeb pals

CHLOE at her launch with pop diva and seriously stylish Rita Ora!

CJG Shoes brown feet

Perfect Marketing………tropical sun, golden feet, super-glam sandals!


FB - Aintree - TS Chloe Green Leopard Sandals

RIO – speechless!


I can’t really tell you how I feel about these shoes but they had me at ‘Rio!’ Firstly, I love black and gold. My love all things heart-y goes back to my Moschino obsession, and anything with an ankle strap wins me over. Now I am now what you would call one of Top Shop’s more senior customers/stalkers, a lot of the clothes are out of my range. But these beauties are made for a fabulous dress, a hot date, and obviously a balmy night and some carnival dancing would be amazing. Shoes to make your dreams come true……………….

FB - Aintree - top shop cg buenos aires sandals

BUENOS AIRES – a class act!


I am obsessed with a monochrome and I think in a shoe it is hard to do, but these tie up the colours perfectly and then embellish them with bows to add some real prettiness. The attention to detail gives them maximum style impact and while they may be more expensive than the TS range they are worth every penny. Shoes for being ladylike in……….with a hint of naughtiness about them!

CJG passedena flat sandals


PASSADENA – the perfect way to do flat and glam!

So we know flats are huge this season but from my experiences seasons’ past, there is nothing more uncomfortable than a cheap, flat sandal. They might look pretty but with the combination of a solid toe post, chains that dig into your ankles and that very lovely feeling of PVC on a hot day, it is time to make the flat an investment shoe. These are just the perfect sandals, as the leather is butter-soft, the embellishments are not over done and the fact there is some heel support means they will be super-comfy as well as chic. Wherever your summer takes you, these need to go along for the ride.

ALL CJG shoes come with her signature jade green and the type of luxe packaging that would make Carrie Bradshaw jump for joy!

I’m not just talking the talk, I am walking the walk as these arrived this morning…….

CJG my shoes

All shoes are available at http://www.topshop.com

Range images courtesy of Top Shop